Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, crap.

Has it really been a year since I updated this thing? Eesh. I suck.

I've actually done quite a bit of crafting in the last few months. The last year? Not so much. My health has deteriorated in a bad way, and while I was working, I did nothing but go to work and come home to sleep, and that was working part-time. So I'm applying for SSDI now and working toward some semblance of a life.

My latest FO is a hat for my dad. No pics as I still haven't got my camera working right. (Stupid ex-husband gave me the one that doesn't work. Oh, yeah, and since I last posted, my husband kicked me out in favor of a younger model, and I couldn't be happier without him. Hooray!) However, the hat is slightly big but otherwise awesomesauce, and I think he'll like it. I've also discovered Tunisian crochet, and I suspect I may be teaching a class on it later this year. (Oh, yeah, I've also discovered that I love teaching fiber arts. Long story there.)

So. I need to get back to posting here, and I need to get the camera working. Once that's done... well, then it'll be done.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guilty confessions

Alas, I'm doing more knitting and sewing than writing right now. This is due to a little bit of seasonal depression, for which I'm going to start taking Vitamin D in hopes that it helps, and a lot of exhaustion and overwork. It'll probably take some time for me to get over that part of things. Fortunately, my day job schedule will be going back to normal next month.

I really want to sew. Unfortunately, my lack of proper cutting tools (rotary mat, rotary cutter, 6"x24" transparent ruler) is really hindering my efforts. I should get all that next week, though, as I've already informed my parents of my birthday wishes, and they're getting me a few goodies. I had to run a line of stitching up each cut edge of two lengths of fabric so I could pre-wash them, and I'm hungry for more. GRAH!

Going to go and find some late dinner now. I'm not hungry today, which is typical of Wednesdays due to my chemo schedule, but I need to eat. I might try and find a quick and easy sewing project, too. Sigh. So much fabric, so few necessary supplies.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pride comes from odd sources

You know, there's a strange sense of empowerment that comes from the knowledge that you can hem your own trousers. I'm short, fat, and oddly shaped. Despite media bombardment that says those things are bad and wrong, I know how to either change purchased clothing to fit me, or make my own from scratch. That knowledge says to me, "I'm different, and that's okay."

This message brought to you by the leopard-print slacks I just bought from Torrid. OMZ. Leopard!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fallacious attempt #1

My writing blog, Less Serious Than Advertised, has unfortunately become my everything blog. I'm setting up Seward's Folly for my knitting and sewing escapades. Given that I have done such intelligent things as stab knitting needles through my scalp to my skull, and put sewing machine needles through my finger, the title seems more than appropriate. I swear, my needle accidents were just that. I'm daft, but I'm not that daft.

Must go now. I have follies to commit.